Giotto: A journey through his works and workplaces

Cd-Rom - Giotto: A journey through his works and workplaces.

Virtual navigation around Scrovegni Chapel in Padua, and the Upper Basilica in Assisi. Panorama of history, literature, economy, and contemporaries of the artist. Iconographic sources in complete form. Texts and commentaries in five languages: Italian, English, German, French and Spanish, with the possibility of changing language immediately during consultation.

After their "Multimedia Guide to the Pinacoteca of Vicenza", Giovanna Grossato and Matteo Salin have produced a new CD-ROM covering the complete works of Giotto which also visits the main places where the works of this Florentine master are conserved.

Giovanna Grossato - Matteo Salin

 There are about 5000/6000 entries for languages;
  90 minutes of music;
  1 hour and 45 minutes of listening text;
  850 images;
  3 minutes of films;
  5 languages (Italian, English, Spanish,
      French and German)
  120 megabyte of text



From the main menu it is possible to access information on:

• the life of Giotto (including the complete life of the artist as narrated by Vasari);
• the history, philosophy, literature, economy and personalities of the century in which Giotto lived and worked; ,
• all the 167 works which critics have unanimously attributed to Giotto.

It will also be possible to:

access the works from their titles;
access the works on the basis of their subjects;
find the works from the towns in which they are located;
get a complete list of all the cross-references and therefore a complete list of everything that is found on the CD-ROM.

The works are found from twelve pages which present all Giotto's works in icon form; the entries for the single works are accessed simply by clicking on the associated icon.
The elementary unit is the entry for each work. Each entry consists of a photograph and a text in the language chosen from those available, initially or at any lime when viewing.
Buttons on each entry permit:

movement from one entry to another;
access to other menus;
return to the desired point on your search path;
requesting specific information on the text;
listening to music (also in the background);
placing bookmarks at points you want to return to;
listening to the text in the desired language.

Small keys beside the image allow you to enlarge it or examine details. These either permit creation of a window for printing the work, or pop-up windows for viewing the image, enlargement or detail.

The music is from works by the twelfth century composer Guillaume de Machault, one of the greatest musicians of the time.

These have been rediscovered and reproposed - especially the compositions which take the name of "Lai" - in the original manner and on instruments similar to the original ones.
A small window which appears at the beginning of each piece, and which can be enlarged, provides the text being sung, in early French and in modern English.

The same cross-referencing system has been used as on the Pinacoteca di Vicenza CD-ROM with the addition of the dark magenta colour.
This is used here to call up the towns in which Giotto's works are found, while the colour red identifies the artist's principal cycles.
A small camera icon recalls images, a little video camera indicates the presence of film clips, a map can be used to access maps and street plans while a bookshelf icon gives direct access to the literary and iconographical sources.
A particular spotlight has been placed on the "cycles" in the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua and in the Upper Basilica at Assisi. In both cases, a "Virtual Visit" can be made using the mouse, to discover the various frescos and study them one at a time.

Windows can also be opened to consult the complete texts of the iconographical sources from which information has been taken: for example, Vasari's Life of Giotto to illustrate the artist's life; La Leggenda Major by Bonaventura da Bagnoregio, from which, Giotto drew inspiration for the episode's in the life of St. Francis; the Canticle of the Beasts, the Gospels, the Bible and passages from Dante's Divine Comedy, etc... .

There are plans and photographs of the main Italian cities where the artist's work are found as well as brief entries describing the various museums where his works are housed in Italy, with the addresses of those abroad.
It is possible to search from any text element, memorize entry elements on a clipboard or print them, or replay the path followed during one's voyage.
Particular care has been taken with the graphics, with top quality resolution for the images and high fidelity to the original colours.
The images are presented as if "pasted" in an album, while the buttons are in gold to highlight the value of the works.
The background of the text is a light beige.

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